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Passionate About The Parenting Journey

Hola, my name is Danllely Agreda Rivas, I am a Montessori pedagoge specialising in the development

of children from birth to 3 years old and a conscious parenting coach. I have been working with infants,

and their parents for over ten years. 

The Assistant to Infancy AMI training at the Montessori Institute in Denver, CO, gave me a deep

understanding of the Montessori pedagogy and practices along with current medical and

psychological approaches to child's development during the first three years of life. During the

course, Montessori’s theory of human development and specific studies in anatomy and physiology, obstetrics, nutrition and hygiene, child neuropsychiatry, development of movement, development of language, music, art, and spiritual development were all a focus.

After the training, I enjoyed working at Mastro Montessori School in Shrewsbury, NJ as the first certified toddler guide. Later 

found Lily Montessori Parent-Child Center in Belmar NJ. Now, I am currently consulting parents and guiding children all over the world. I love helping parents to learn to observe their young children and also to prepare their home environments for optimal child development.

Every child deserves to grow up with a parent who feels empowered and confident in their parental role. A parent who is free to enjoy their child and themselves. Nobody teaches us about parenting or tells us what we are truly getting ourselves into. All we have is our unique experience as a child ourselves with our own parents and most times this is not always the healthiest one. Not that this was brought to us with intention by our parents, maybe they were parented the same as they parented us but someone needs to break the cycle.


Be aware and learn how to be the best person you can be to this little human that sees you like her/his everything. I am here to guide you into becoming a conscious, mindful, aware parent. Parenting children of any age does not mean you have to be in survival mode the whole time, if you feel this way, please know there are ways for you to be happy and enjoy the beautiful and responsible thing that it is to be a parent.

My services will for sure help you realize that there are things to do and know about the young child and yourself. I will help you see the root of the "issue" and give you the tools to apply to be able to make a change.


  • AMI Montessori Guide- specialized in the development of children from birth to three years old. 

  • Radiant Child Yoga- Levels 1 to 3

  • Intro to Child Psychology & Advance Level. 

  • Conscious Parenting Coach

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